a new dimension

3D posters by Amy Rodchester for 2010 Newcastle Festival of Dance.


wallpaper comouflage - artworks by Cecilia Paredes.

northern star

Courtney Love - NYC townhouse
via xojane

among the dust and pollen


Illustrations by Stacey Rozich - the talented artist behind the latest Fleet Foxes video.

knock on wood

Amazing works by poliedric studio Wood.


Zara november 2011 lookbook.

ma belle

michelle williams in band of outsiders -boy- fall 2008

six thinking hats

these are not new i know...
from an old philip treacy's exhibition "when philip met isabella"
image: isabella blow
photo: steven meisel

this city is against me

photo: paolo roversi
styling: cathy edwards
another magazine www.anothermag.com

she sells seashells by the seashore

saved the pics but forgot to write down the name of the artist. that's a "she" anyway. a spanish "she".

collection of style

COS spring/summer 08 www.cosstores.com